A light vessel, or lightship, is a ship that acts as a lighthouse. They are used in waters that are too deep or otherwise unsuitable for lighthouse construction. The type has become largely obsolete; lighthouses replaced some stations as the construction techniques for lighthouses advanced, while large, automated buoys replaced others. However Directorate General Lighthouse and Lightships operating Lightship at Jamnagar Directorate named Perigee Light Vessel details are mentioned below.

Perigee Light Vessel

Sr. No. F 0449
Position 21°41.50’ N
72 °18.37’ E
Vessel Length 21 m breadth 6hmtr. (Red hull)
Height above MSL 12 Mtr
Optical Equipment Drum optic (BBT)
Source of Energy Solar power
Main Light Character FI(W) 7 Sec.(0.5+6.5=7 Sec)
Main Light Illuminant/Range 100 W 12V Halogen lamp/12NM at T=0.74
Riding Light Character FI(W) 1 Sec.(0.5+0.5=1sec)
Riding Light Illuminant/Range 12V/60 Halogen lamp/12NM at T=0.74
Other Atons NIL