VTS Gandhidham

The Directorate of Lighthouses & Lightships, VTS Directorate Gandhidham is under DGLL, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and waterways. The jurisdiction of VTS Directorate is from Koteshwar in Kutch region to Okha in Saurashtra region. The Directorate provides the Vessel Traffic Service in Gulf of Kutch region which covers approx. 16000 sq.kms area, which is one of the largest VTS area in the world, specifically dedicated for information services to vessels plying in the Gulf of Kutch. The Vessel Traffic Service which includes 09 Radar Stations and 03 Microwave Repeater Stations through which the movement of vessels,their speed, course of movement, position etc. is being monitored through Master Control Centre, Kandla and 06 other Port Monitoring Stations at various locations in Saurashtra and Kutch regions. The VTS data is also shared through web-based server to coastal security agencies like the Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy, BSF, Intelligence Bureau etc. Under this Directorate there are 09 X band radar stations at Koteshwar, Jakhau, Chhchchhi, Mandvi, Navinal, Kandla, Balachadi, Chudeshwar and Okha, 02 S-band radar stations at Jakhau and Okha, 02 Direction finder stations at Jakhau and Okha, 06 Meteorological stations at Kandla, Navlakhi Rozi, Vadinar, Sikka, Okha, 06 AIS stations at Okha, Sikka, Kandla, Navinal, Chhchchhi and Jakhau and 01 VTS-Master Control Centre at Kandla.

This Directorate is also maintains 19 lighthouses at Koteshwar, Jakhau, Chhchchhi, Mandvi, Mandvi Breakwater, Rawalpir, Navinal, Bhadreshwar, Jodiya Bander, Mungra Reef, Navlakhi, Pirotan island, Mawadi point, Kalubhar tapu, Chank tapu, Bural reef, Samiyani island North, Samiyani island Centre and OKha. 07 RACON stations at Okha, Navlakhi, Pirotan, Bural, Navinal, Mandvi and Jakahu,and 01 DGNSS station at Okha